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Minimize and Enlarge Image Size

Images are displayed in HTML documents sometimes do not have the same image size to the actual size. To produce images with quality similar to the original, determination of size also becomes important to note. Therefore perbandinganya must match the original size of the image. To determine the size of the image, we need to fill attribute is used to ...

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AT89S51 Microcontroller Architecture

The architecture of the microcontroller AT89S51 can be seen as follows: Block diagram Figure 15 microcontroller 89S51 8051 microcontroller and memory architecture can be seen in the picture Figure 16 Memory Microcontroller Architecture 8051 Facility Timer and Counter Many microcontroller applications require the counting of external events, such as the frequency of the pulse or the generation of internal time ...

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With Microcontroller Interface Converters

a. Interface Converters A / D Converters A / D is used to facilitate the microcontroller interface with 1:31 showing analog.Gambar signal converter interface A / D type converter AD571 with mikrokontroler.AD571 is A / D eight-bit. As can be seen ari, that the output data and control of the converter A / D is connected pin I / O ...

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Photo Diode Sensor

Semiconductor photo devices utilize quantum effects on junctions, energies received by electrons that allow electrons to move from the valence tire to the conduction tire under reverse bias conditions. Semiconductor materials such as Germanium (Ge) and Silicon (Si) have 4 valence electrons, each electron in an atom is bonded so that the valence electron is even 8 for each atom, ...

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Photo Transistor As A Light Sensor

The basic circuit that can be used to use Photo Transistors As Light Sensors can use the following simple circuit. 1. Basic Circuit With HIGH Logic When Detecting Light With the configuration in the first image above the photo transistor is able to provide HIGH logic when receiving light emission. At the receiving light, the collector-emitter foot conductivity value will ...

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Interruptions Microcontroller

Interruptions are events or events which caused the microcontroller pause to serve these interruptions. Programs that run at airport interrupt the call Interrupt Service Routine (Routine Service Interruptions). The analogy is as follows: a person is typing reports, suddenly the phone rang and interrupted the person so stop typing jobs and picked up the phone after the phone conversation is ...

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