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Creating Straight Line Between Two Points in Field

1. Instructions
a. Look carefully at the location where we will practice.
b. Note carefully the work sheet and measures work.
c. Yalon target should be at two positions / sides (right and kin).
d. Plugging yalon must be upright (not always perpendicular to the ground).
e. Installation yalon-yalon must exactly match the points that have been determined.
f. Creating employment report

2. Equipment and Supplies
Equipment and supplies that can be used to make a straight line between two points in the field buh namely:
1. Yalon (at least 4 pieces)
2. Tape measure / meter (minimum 15 m)
3. Alas write, writing tools, paper to sketch / note.

3. Safety
There are several things to note in the work so that safety is assured, among others:
a. When carrying yalon, draped, front blunt, and should not be dragged yalon
b. Currently, the practice is prohibited kidding.
c. Be careful when plugging yalon to the ground.
d. After completion of the practice, the equipment must be cleaned again.

4. Work Steps
a. Plug yalon at P and Q
b. Minimum carried out by two people.
c. The first person standing behind yalon point P as far as X cm (± 30 cm) facing toward the point Q and giving orders to people to two.
d. People between the two points P and Q hold yalon with thumb and forefinger, follow the instructions first so yalon A straight line with P and Q.
e. A second person plug yalon as straight-probably at the point has been obtained.
f. The first target back yalon position, so it really looks yalon coincides PAQ (only seen one yalon).
g. Thus do as well at the yalon B, C, and so on.
h. When work is completed, the points P, A, B, C, …. Q looks like one yalon, because straight once.

Usefulness create straight lines in the field:
Among others for help when direct distance measurements with a measuring tape, which if long distance to be measured exceeds the length of the measuring tape.
So that so that the distance is really straight (do not turn right and left), then made a straight line with the help Yalon.


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