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Manufacture of Table Based HTML

The table is a way to display the information in the form of a cell consisting of rows and columns. To display the data in table form in HTML, use tag <Table>. Elements table contains property <tr> to determine the row (table row) in which there are property <td> for menampkan the data in each cell table (table data). Structure ...

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Minimize and Enlarge Image Size

Images are displayed in HTML documents sometimes do not have the same image size to the actual size. To produce images with quality similar to the original, determination of size also becomes important to note. Therefore perbandinganya must match the original size of the image. To determine the size of the image, we need to fill attribute is used to ...

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Presenting the Image Display Format

A web page will look stiff, formal impressed, and a little drab if not accompanied by pictures. We can see today, the web page on the Internet, almost all of them incorporate images, animation, audio and even video to attract and startle visitors. As another example, for example, want to create a web page that contains a collection of photographs, ...

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Definition Web List

List is a section of text in the document that lists the items of a particular group or groups. For example, in a culinary-themed web sites, the list can be the list of foods and drinks, along with the price. List can also be a procedure (sequence of steps) of a particular job, that are to be performed sequentially from ...

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Presenting Web Page Design

A document is not infrequently used to display data to the user. There are many ways to display data, ranging from using graphs, lists, up to the table. The table is generally used to display tabular data in the form of rows and columns. the intersection of rows and columns in a table called a cell. In html, allows to ...

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Document Elements HTML5

HTML5 elements are eliminated in  The following HTML 4.01 elements are omitted in HTML5:  <acronym>  <applet>  <basefont>  <big>  <center>  <dir>  <font>  <frame>  <frameset>  <noframes>  <strike>  <tt> Document HTML5 An HTML5 document like this, simply written text editor or HTML editor: <! DOCTYPE HTML> Here is an explanation ...

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