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Working Principle Sensor LM35

In principle, the sensor will perform sensing when the temperature changes every 1 ºC temperature will show a voltage of 10 mV. In placing the LM35 can be affixed with adhesive or can be cemented on the surface but the temperature will be slightly reduced by about 0.01 ºC being absorbed in the surface temperature. In this way the expected ...

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Definition Sensor

Censorship is something that is used to detect changes in the physical or chemical environment. The variable output of the sensor is converted into electrical quantities are called transducers. At this time, the sensor has been created by the very small size of the order of nanometers. A very small size is very convenient use and save energy. Classification of ...

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Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

Thermocouple sensor is a sensor capable of measuring the temperature is so high that the thermocouple temperature sensor is often used for oil processing industry or steel. Thermocouple temperature sensor has a smaller output value to the high noise level conditions, thus requiring signal conditioners so that the output value can be read. Thermocouple history Derived from the word “Thermo” ...

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Advantages and Weaknesses Sensors LM35

• Advantages: a. Remote temperature range between -55 to +150 ° C b. Low self-heating, at 0:08 o C c. Operating at a voltage of 4 to 30 V d. The circuit is not complicated e. Does not require signal conditioning • Deficiency: Requires source voltage to operate LM35 temperature sensor is a small component such as a transistor (TO-92). ...

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Temperature Sensor Bimetallic

Bimetal is a temperature sensor or a temperature sensor which is popular because of its simplicity. Bimetal common on electrical appliances such as electric irons and lamps or lights dimers great power. Bimetallic temperature sensor is made of two different metal plates muainya coefficient (α) are glued together. When a metal is heated there will be an expansion, the amount ...

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Chronology of Web Application Development

Based on the perception of some software developers and experts in the field of software engineering (software engineering professional), Web Application Development is not the same with software engineering although both involve programming and software development. Although many adopted the principles of software engineering, Web Application Development has many approaches, methods, tools, techniques and guidelines that meet the requirements of ...

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