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Preservatives Fishery Products

Preservatives such as ice and cold sea water, including material that is relatively safe to fish preserves, especially when consumed by the public. The use of preservatives that are not appropriate for the food ingredients, such as formalin, should be prevented and prohibited. Preservatives bodies were never scandalize the community, because it was used to preserve fish catches by fishermen.

BBRP2B also conducting research on the use of fruit Picung as a preservative. Picung fruit for generations used to preserve the fish community in Banten, especially in Pandeglang and Lebak. Another way of preserving fish that is by freezing. To obtain a long shelf life of the fish must be frozen by using freezer and then stored frozen in cold storage.

If that is done correctly allows to provide quality fish fresh fish approaching. The general consumer is usually difficult to distinguish between fresh fish and fish that have undergone freezing. Although many aspects to be considered in giving the definition of high quality fish, there are two main things that must be considered fishing as major manufacturers, namely: the quality of fish when caught, and the quality of fish when handed over to the buyer or processor.

Especially for fast food products decompose, the quality of the fish is synonymous with freshness. Fresh terms included two meanings: the first one had just been arrested, not stored or preserved, and the second is still original quality, the quality has not deteriorated. Just out of high-grade raw materials will produce high-quality end product. Freshness quality is actually also has economic significance, because it is synonymous with money.

This means that the quality of high freshness, the economic value will be high, and vice versa. The degree of freshness all types of tuna plays a role in assessing the quality and price of the end, in addition to the freshness is the most important factor in determining whether or not the quality healthy products consumed. Fresh fish when the fish is said to have the same body shape as the fish is still alive, where changes in physical, chemical and biological happened yet to cause serious damage to the fish flesh.

Often it is difficult to distinguish the level of freshness of fish from one another. Based on the vision of both appear to have the same degree of freshness, but it turned out to just be known after it is saved. Fresh fish has a shelf life longer than the less fresh fish. The level of freshness of the fish can be determined based on the features it has. The level of freshness of the fish is very important because it can affect the appearance, aroma, flavor, texture and consumer preferences.