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Unit and Painting Style

The system generally accepted unit consists of:
o System MKS unit, the unit has a style kgf
o System British unit, the unit has a style lbf
o SI unit system, has a style unit N (Newthon).

Painting Style
The style is abstract, can not be seen, by because they were to paint / describe a style there should be requirements, namely: style can be drawn if:
o there is a point-catching style;
o there is a great force;
o ther direction of the force;
o No scale style and length scales.

If the four above requirements have been met then we can not describe the style, see the following picture!


Figure 2.8 Painting style

1. Point catching style
Capture point style is a style of work, see point A in the picture above. A large force is expressed in many styles in units N, kgf or lbf.

2. Scale style
So that the force can be drawn that the force should be scaled from the size of the force that has the unit of force [N], [kgf] or [lbf] into a line that has units mm, cm or inches with a length proportional to his style. For example, a length of 1 cm line shows 10 N, then to declare 50 N should be drawn along the lines 5 cm, 1 cm style scale examples # 10 N.

3. Directions style
Style has a certain direction, for instance style to right direction horizontal, upward force with direction and so on. To indicate the direction of a force that is with arrows. See the picture above.

4. Scale length
To describe a style needs to be adapted to the conditions of paper to be used, for example, lies between one style to another style has a distance of 4 meters, while paper that will be used is A4 paper having a size of 210 x 294 mm only, is clearly one of these styles will located outside the drawing paper, by because they were so all styles with a certain distance can be described on paper drawing, the distance or length must be scaled,