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Tuna Fish Handling Process

Stages tuna handling process is carried out as follows: 1) Demolition tuna Ordinary tuna species landed are tuna yellow fin tuna (Thunnus albacares) and big eye tuna (Thunnus obessus). Tuna fish landed in the form of whole fish that have been weeded out the entrails and gills. Tuna fishing area includes Ocean waters of Indonesia, the northern coast of Java, ...

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Factor Type and Size Of Fish

Various factors can be grouped into a determinant of freshness: the type and size of the fish, the environment and how to catch or harvest. Thus, to get fresh fish, three of these factors need to be considered. Affect the freshness of fish, both during harvesting or catching or during storage. By the time the fish are harvested or caught ...

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Definition Live Fish

Live fish is a fish that has a high fitness level. Judging from the role of fish as food, then the treatment is generally conducted on live fish intended for fish still have the best freshness. Thus the treatment provided should be able to avoid the fish from stress, either during transport or storage place or marketing. Marketing of fish ...

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Processed Fresh Fish Export Standards

Including perishable commodities and even faster than the flesh of other animals. Decay speed after catching and harvesting fish is strongly influenced by the technique of fishing and harvesting, the biological condition of the fish, as well as handling and storage techniques on board. Therefore, as soon as the fish are caught or harvested must be immediately preserved by refrigeration ...

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Filter Ultra Violet (UV Sterilizer)

Ultra violet filter is a device used to remove or filter out microorganisms that are not required of the aquarium, such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses, algae and other pathogens, by exposing them to high intensity Ultra Violet rays. Ultra violet rays have the ability to affect the function of cells of living creatures by altering the cell nucleus material, ...

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Biological Filter For Water Quality

Biological filter needs to be cleaned periodically, especially to remove particles that may cause clogging. Cleaning should be done with caution not to make the bacteria that live there die. Cleaning can be done by rinsing with clean water free of chlorine. Cleaning can also be done in stages, with the left most other media remain tertanggu.  This will ensure ...

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