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Effect of Worm In Soil Fertility

Some physical soil properties terbenahi by earthworm activity is (1) the formation of macropores result of the formation of worm burrows, (2) the creation of soil crumb structure, (3) decrease in soil bulk density, and (4) increasing the shelf life of the water. The formation of an earthworm burrows macro pores lead to the creation of sustainable and stable. These ...

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Sampling Technique

Some things to consider in taking the sample are: 1) Fixation Fixation is the process of sample preservation using preservatives that material taken can be processed by PCR. The principle of choosing the type of preservative: a) easy in the handling, storage and transport, b) Not reduce the sensitivity of diagnosis, c) Easily available and relatively inexpensive. There are two ...

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Shrimp Virus Diseases

A. HPV virus disease (Hepatopancreatic parvovirus) and MBV (Monodon Baculovirus) In the year 1988-1990 is a disease highly lethal to tiger prawn shrimp that can cause slow growth. Organs are attacked is hepatopancreas. On a serious attack, hepatopancreas will look pale, shrunken and compact. B. Viral disease YHD (Yellow Head Disease) Symptoms of this disease include: a) The head is ...

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Effect Of Water Alkalinity On Cultivation

To maintain the pH of the water to remain stable at around 6.8 it is necessary a chemical process that is expressed in alkalinity. Alkalinity is the ability estab-bufffer late of bicarbonate ions, carbonate and hydroxide ions in water. The third ion in the water will react with the hydrogen ions so as to reduce acidity or pH increase. Alkalinity ...

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Disease In Aquaculture

Bodies is a living environment for aquatic biota such as fish, aquatic insects, water snails, animal organisms, aquatic plants, the tiny plants and others. In this environment there will be interaction between organisms (biotic) existing water environment (abiotic) as the medium of his life, as well as the interaction between water biota itself in order to survive. This interaction thus ...

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Abiotic Factors Air Quality

1) Temperature / temperature In addition to the high temperatures of the tropics, a problem that is often found is a problem that is too extreme temperature changes due to the influence of the season, for example the rainy season. Low temperatures will cause the speed of metabolism down so that the appetite of fish and shrimp to be decreased. ...

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