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Forest and Land Rehabilitation

According Wahono (2002: 3), degraded land is land that is already no longer function as a regulator of the media regulator of the water system, the element of agricultural production, as well as elements of the protection of nature and environment. Degraded land is a land that has undergone soil conditions or in the process of physical, chemical or biological ...

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Soil Processing With Making Biophory

When tillage combined with the soil conservation biopori hole will go well, because the water that originally infiltrated difficult it will be easier to seep down. Biopori a hole made with a diameter of 10 cm and depth of 100 cm covered / filled organic waste which serves to trap / catch / hold water flowing around it so it ...

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Soil and Water Conservation In Mechanics

Mounds of earth mounds are made elongated in the direction of the contour lines or cut slope (Sitanala Arsyad 1989). Ridges are usually made by the farmers with the soil stack height between 20-50 cm and width of the base between 30-60 cm. In the area around the point Buncir or Cinagara farmers-mounds mounds planted with corn, beans and cassava. ...

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Conservation Techniques In Mechanical Terrace

With the condition of the land / topography sloping and hilly, allowing erosion / washout soil is above all lands under it when the rainy season arrives. This has been recognized by society, they dilahan terracing to prevent soil runoff water. Creating terracing / talud is done individually or in mutual cooperation. In four hamlets in the village Girisekar Arupa ...

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Mucuna Plant (Legume Pansan)

Mucuna sp or plant Koro surly (Java) can be used as a plant that can produce high-protein seeds and could play a special function of the land rehabilitation. Mucuna seeds can be made tempeh or after boiling for 24 hours will be also mixed with cassava to improve the nutrition of cassava. Some of the advantages of rehabilitation Iahan sleep ...

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Soil Cultivation (Tillage)

Various soil and water conservation techniques on mechanical methods mentioned above serve to: slow the flow of surface water, accommodate and channel the flow of surface water so as not to damage, repair and rebuild the water infiltration and soil aeration and provides water for the plants. The definition of tillage is any manipulation / engineering of the ground to ...

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