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Total Hardness

Water hardness is the content of certain minerals in the water, generally ionkalsium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) in the form garamkarbonat. Hard water or hard water is water that has a high mineral content, while soft water is water with a low mineral levels. In addition to calcium and magnesium ions, can also cause the hardness of the other metal ...

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Determination River Water Sampling

If the capture location has been set, the next step is to determine the point of uptake. The number of points is highly dependent on the annual average discharge and classification of the river. A growing number of sampling points, the indescribable quality of the actual river water. Table 12 below illustrates the amount of river water withdrawal points corresponding ...

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Attack Symptoms In Seaweed

Semangun (1996) describes plant diseases when viewed from the angle of biology is a deviation from normal trait that causes the body can not perform normal physiological activities, while from the economic angle plant diseases is the inability to deliver sufficient results, both quantity and quality. Microorganisms (microbes) are not directly cause a disease, but outside circumstances have weakened the ...

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Water Quality Measurement

Sampling for water quality measurement is a critical point at this stage of the measurement of water quality. Sampling is the first step that can determine the accuracy of water quality data that will be used. Before learning the sampling technique you should know the kinds of samples / examples of water beforehand. Samples of surface water comes from the ...

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Hama Micro Seaweed

Pests and diseases can cause damage to the seaweed, this is because the pest seaweed is seaweed grazer so consumed by pests that exist in the location of cultivation. There is also a pest seaweed that are attached to the thallus kelp, this causes seaweed thallus can not receive nutrients and oxygen available in the water to the optimum because ...

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Free Carbon Dioxide and Chemical Oxygen

Problem-free analyzed carbon dioxide that is in the form of carbon dioxide gas contained in water. The content of CO 2-free in pure water at a pressure of 1 atm and a temperature of 25 ° C is about 0.4 ppm. CO 2 in water is obtained from the air of the diffusion process and the results of the process ...

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