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Maintenance Seaweed

Seaweeds are marine organisms that have specific environmental requirements in order to live and grow well. The more appropriate environmental conditions the waters of the better growth and the better the results obtained. Seaweed will grow better than a certain depth which still gets good sunlight intensity, because sunlight is an important factor for the growth of seaweed. At a ...

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Fish Product Processing Administration

Bookkeeping is recording transactions. transactions include sales, purchases, revenues, and expenditures by individuals or organizations. According to Mills et al (1991), administarsi as part of the management process associated with the institution and the implementation of procedures used to determine and communicate the program until the development of activities is organized and monitored based on targets and plans. In a ...

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Biochemical Oxygen Demand

BOD, or Biochemical Oxygen Demand is a characteristic that indicates the amount of dissolved oxygen required by microorganisms (usually bacteria) to break down or decompose organic matter under aerobic conditions (Umaly and Cuvin, 1988). Reaffirmed by Boyd (1990), that the organic material decomposes in BOD is ready decomposed organic material (readily decomposable organic matter). Mays (1996) defines BOD as a ...

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Parameters Biology

Biological parameters was rarely used as a parameter determining the pollution. In fact, measurements using physical and chemical parameters only provide momentary environmental quality and tend to give results with interpretation in a wide range. Today some developed countries such as France, Britain and Belgium glanced biological indicators for monitoring water pollution. Even already developed biotic water quality laws. In ...

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The Influence of pH Brought Water

Water pH affects the fertility waters because it affects the lives of microorganisms. Acidic waters will be less productive, can even kill domestic animals. At low pH dissolved oxygen content is reduced, as a result of decreased oxygen consumption, decreased respiratory activity, respiratory activity rose and appetite will decrease, the opposite occurs in alkaline conditions. On this basis, the aquaculture ...

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Nekton Organisms

While the notion of nekton marine animals are nektonik scattered epipelagik zone on the open sea. Nekton is a nautical marine organisms that are beneficial for humans, especially for the improvement of the nutritional and economic improvement. Piles of carcasses nekton is the basic ingredient for the formation of sea minerals such as gas and oil after a lengthy process ...

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