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Ion Exchange Chemical Filter

Ion exchange is a process in which ions adsorbed on a surface of the filter media exchanged with other ions that are in the water. This process is made possible through a phenomenon of attraction between the surface of the media charged with polar molecules. When a charged molecule touching a surface that has the opposite charge of the molecule ...

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Hama In Fish

Hama is a predator organism farmed fish. Hama by animal groups, distinguished as follows: 1) From the mammals among others: Linsang, otter, weasel and others. 2) From the class of reptiles, among others: water snake, iguana, etc. 3) From the class of birds, among others: Stork, Swallow and others 4) From the class of amphibians, among others: Frogs 5) From ...

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Application Probiotika For Raising

Probiotics are generally defined as additional bacteria (inoculant) used to carry a certain microbiological enzymatic process. The fact further indicates that the organisms that carry out tasks biological changes can also be defined as biomanipulator. Some organisms can be regarded as biomanipulator is an herbivorous fish (beronang / Siganus spp), fish omnivore (tilapia fish and fish), fish plankton feeder (tilapia ...

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Clinical Infection On Shrimp

The virus can also be found in the hemolymph of shrimp that showed clinical symptoms, it is suspected WSSV spread through the circulatory system (Momoyama et al., 1995). Clinical symptoms of infection with WSSV in shrimp body with symptoms of redness can be seen in Figure 6. IHHNV classified in a double-standed DNA and a virus that attacks the smallest ...

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Macrofauna In Soil Fertility

Soil organisms (microfauna, macrofauna and microflora) have an important role in soil fertility. Soil fertility control activities as indicated by fixing some physical soil properties include (1) the soil structure, (2) the texture and consistency of the ground, (3) retention and movement of water, and (4) the exchange of gases. Chemically there were also changes in soil properties include (1) ...

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Biological Filter For Water Quality

Biological filter needs to be cleaned periodically, especially to remove particles that may cause clogging. Cleaning should be done with caution not to make the bacteria that live there die. Cleaning can be done by rinsing with clean water free of chlorine. Cleaning can also be done in stages, with the left most other media remain tertanggu.  This will ensure ...

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