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Viscosity Water Physics

The viscosity of water is the physical properties of water that should not be overlooked. This is a result of friction caused by the arrest of a liquid substance on moving objects. The amount of friction is proportional to the prisoners: a) The surface area of ​​objects associated with water. b) The speed of motion of a body. c) The ...

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Parameters Biology

Biological parameters was rarely used as a parameter determining the pollution. In fact, measurements using physical and chemical parameters only provide momentary environmental quality and tend to give results with interpretation in a wide range. Today some developed countries such as France, Britain and Belgium glanced biological indicators for monitoring water pollution. Even already developed biotic water quality laws. In ...

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The Influence of pH Brought Water

Water pH affects the fertility waters because it affects the lives of microorganisms. Acidic waters will be less productive, can even kill domestic animals. At low pH dissolved oxygen content is reduced, as a result of decreased oxygen consumption, decreased respiratory activity, respiratory activity rose and appetite will decrease, the opposite occurs in alkaline conditions. On this basis, the aquaculture ...

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Oxygen Levels and Solubility

Decreased levels of oxygen. Basically the process of reduction of oxygen in the water caused by the process of chemistry, physics and biology, namely:  The process of breathing (respiration) either by animals or plants.  The process of decomposition (decomposition) of organic material.  Basic waters are reducing. The basis of these waters can only be covered by only ...

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Biological Indicators of River Pollution

Biological indicators of river pollution must meet the following criteria: 1) Easily identifiable 2) Easy to be sampled, which means the operator does not need special assistance, as well as expensive equipment and can be done quantitatively. 3) Have a cosmopolitan distribution. 4) The abundance of a species can be used to analyze the diversity index. 5) Has the economic ...

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Attach a low-frequency wave and in general the intensity of the smaller of the two times a day. This tidal movement caused by gravity from celestial bodies to the mass of water on earth. This movement is also influenced by the rotation of the earth itself as well as the layout of the island and the continent. Therefore, the high ...

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