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Dimension Tree Trunk

The diameter or circumference is one dimension stems (trees) that determine the cross-sectional area while standing tree trunks form of logs. Even the volume to continue until the tree trunk standing or felled. To provide a deeper understanding about the diameter of a circle, below are pictures diameter and circles. From Figure 1 can be learned about the concept and ...

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Tools Protective Board Member

Our body consists of several parts. Everything that should be protected when carrying out the work. Body protective equipment are as follows: a. Eye protection The eyes should be protected from heat, glare and also from dust. Kelangkapan lengsa for gas welding and cutting do not accustomed to be used for pengelesan arch or bow due to weld curved lenses ...

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Bahaya Sengatan Listrik


Arus listrik selalu dapat dialirkan kesegala arah melalui benda-benda yang konduktif, seperti logam dan zat cair. Tetapi aliran listrik tersebut tidak dapat kita lihat bila hanya sebuah kutub saja, tidak seperti halnya air yang mengalir. Karena arus listrik yang lewat itu tidak dapat langsung dilihat oleh mata kita, tanpa bantuan benda-benda lain, maka hal ini amat berbahaya, dan dapat mematikan. ...

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Type Fire and Materials Fire

According to the classification types of fires there are 3 kinds, namely: Class A, Class B, and Class C. 1) Fire Class A Type of fire class A fires are caused by wood, cloth and paper. For memadamkam fire class A then there are some substances extinguisher suitable for use include: a) Air b) Soda acid (soda acid) c) gas ...

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As a Result Of Fire Accident

Event of a fire is the most frightening events. Fires can cause loss of property, death and accidents. Fire is an event that does not happen, there is definitely cause. In the modern era is already a lot of people know extinguishers that completely cutting edge, but fires it still happened. Who is the source of the fire accident, and ...

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Ruler Tool Biltmore

a) Physical form crossbar biltmore Physical form crossbar biltmore form of rule by crutches at breast height (1.30 m) and has a scale (unit of measurement). Scale bar biltmore initially in the form of a hose diameter, has now been converted into units of measure. The units of measurement used is cm with the smallest unit of measurement in millimeters. ...

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