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Soil Structure Formation

There are two stages that occur in the formation of soil structure, namely (1) clotting (coagulation) of colloidal soil as a result of the influence of Ca2 + ions into the soil micro-aggregates, and (2) cementation (binder) micro aggregate into the aggregate macro. Meurut soil structure formation theory, based on the flocculation occurs on land that is in solution, for ...

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Plankton Parameters In Water Quality

a) The abundance of plankton Parameter abundance of plankton in a body of water can reflect the level of fertility of a body of water. High abundance of plankton that can also show their dominance in the food chain. it can be used as indicators of a body of water. Ways of working : (1) Take the plankton samples that ...

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Vegetation Filters (Veggie Filter)

Vegetation filter is a filter that uses the plant as a filter to remove contaminants that are in aquarium water, especially from the classes of compounds such as nitrogen, ammonia. As is known, the plants require certain nutrients to grow and thrive, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and others. By manipulating these nutrient needs in such a way, the water ...

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Fish Diseases Caused Worms

1) Class monogenea Monogenea is a kind of worm that attacks the outer body of the fish, in terms of where the attack is divided into two types: a) The worm attacks the gills Dactylogyrus b) Gyrodactylus worm attacks the skin. While symptoms or signs of parasites in fish are: a) The gills of fish broken, wounded and bleeding arise. ...

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How it Works Chemical Air Filter

A chemical filter works by capturing soluble materials, such as: gas, dissolved organic matter, and the like. This mechanism is done with the help of filter media such as activated charcoal, ion resin, and zeolites, or by fractionation of water.  1) Absorption (Absorption) Absorption is a process where a particle is trapped into the structure of the media and as ...

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Management of Biological Water Quality Parameters

Biological filter is a filter that works with the help of microorganisms, especially bacteria from the class of decomposing ammonia. So that microorganisms can live well in the filter and perform necessary functions with optimal media and a suitable environment for the growth and development of these microorganisms. The main function of the biological filter is to reduce or eliminate ...

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