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Water Quality Aquaculture and Shrimp

Fish and shrimp can live a normal life if the environment has water quality that is suitable for life. Water quality parameters that do not fit can be fatal to aquatic life in general. Water quality parameters were very influential in the life of fish and shrimp, among others are: a. Temperature Temperature greatly affects the metabolic processes of fish. ...

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Changes In Water Quality Parameters

In the aquatic environment as a medium of live aquatic biota, frequent changes in water quality parameters such as the degree of acidity (pH – element content of H + or OH-), dissolved oxygen (O2), content of ammonia NH3, the acid content of sulfide (H2S), water temperature and others. Changes in water environment can affect aquatic life, especially for water ...

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Soil is a habitat or a place to live different kinds of living organisms or bodies in the ground. Based on the function, generally there are two classes of bodies live in the soil, which is beneficial organisms and harmful. Beneficial organisms are organisms involved in the process of degradation or decomposition of organic material, binding or provide nutrients and ...

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Phytoplankton Management

1. The presence of phytoplankton ponds are basically indispensable. Phytoplankton are part of a community of microbes that play a role in arranging the desired culture conditions. Besides being able to utilize the remaining nutrients, the presence of phytoplankton also reduce the intensity of light, produce oxygen, stabilizing the temperature as well as contributing to the needs of nutrient for ...

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Microorganisms Interactions With Plants

Coexistence between microorganisms and plants takes place in the root zone of plants, because in this area provided a number of compounds required by a microorganism for the life and activities. This compound is in the form of root exudates useful as a source of C, N and energy for microorganisms, ranging from a simple organic compounds up to complex ...

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Diseases Caused by Virus

There are several types of viral diseases that have been identified include: 1) KHV (Koi Herpes Virus) 2) IHHNV (Infectious hypodermal and Hematopoitic Necrosis Virus), 3) HPV (Hepatopancreatic ParvolikeVirus), 4) MBV (Monodon Baculavirus), 5) SEMBV (Systemic Ectodermaland mesodermal Baculovirus) or WSBV (White Spot Baculovirus) 6) YHV (Yellow Head Virus). 7) IMNV (Myonecrosis Infectious Virus) 8) TSV (Taura Syndrome Virus) 9) ...

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