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Turbidimeter Tools

Turbidimeter is one tool that is functioning to measure water turbidity. Turbidimeter is a tool that has optical properties due to the dispersion of light and can be expressed as the ratio of the light. which reflected the light that arrives. Intensity of light reflected by a suspension is a function of the concentration if other conditions constant. There are ...

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Fish Virus Spreading in Indonesia

Type MBV and SEMBV has detected widespread across the pond in Indonesia. The disease attacks the shrimp aged 1-2 months has been stocking. MBV attack is marked by changes in hepatopancreas which became yellowish because of damage. The case hit since 1998 with a death rate of more than 90% within 2 weeks after the symptoms of common assault. While ...

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Soil Structure Formation Mechanism

Soil structure can begin to evolve from a single grain of massive form. When coming from a single grain, the development starts from the binding of soil particles form a clump (cluster) which later became ped. There are five main mechanisms that unites these particles, namely: 1. Activities during the growing root penetration. 2. Water movement which followed the direction ...

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Clinical Infection On Shrimp

The virus can also be found in the hemolymph of shrimp that showed clinical symptoms, it is suspected WSSV spread through the circulatory system (Momoyama et al., 1995). Clinical symptoms of infection with WSSV in shrimp body with symptoms of redness can be seen in Figure 6. IHHNV classified in a double-standed DNA and a virus that attacks the smallest ...

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Aquaculture Environmental Management

Successful management of fish health is highly dependent on location factors, smoking area, farming systems and monitoring fish health. Diseases caused by viruses, the use of chemicals or antibiotics are not recommended. Some of the actions that should be done is: 1) Prevent the spread of the virus through the carrier mainly fish sick and means of transportation. 2) Restricting ...

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Water Quality Aquaculture and Shrimp

Fish and shrimp can live a normal life if the environment has water quality that is suitable for life. Water quality parameters that do not fit can be fatal to aquatic life in general. Water quality parameters were very influential in the life of fish and shrimp, among others are: a. Temperature Temperature greatly affects the metabolic processes of fish. ...

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