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Tuna Packaging

Packing process is very important because it affects the quality of tuna during the journey. If the packaging is not good then the quality of the tuna will change when it reaches the export destination country. The export destinations of fresh tuna processing companies are Japan, the United States and the European Union. Things that need to be prepared for ...

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Sea Water Flow Speed

In ocean currents caused by differences in seawater density period, winds constantly above sea level and tidal especially in coastal areas. Ups and downs can also replace water in total and continuously so as to avoid water pollution. While the beach may change the distribution and dampen the flow. Flow has a positive and negative effect for the life aquatic ...

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Composite Paper

Composite paper is paper that is processed together with other packaging materials such as plastics and metals, which aims to improve the brittle force, stiffness and strength of the material. Paper mixed with metal and formed into cans called composite cans, used for citric juice, spice containers (spices), chocolate boxes, dry soups, chemicals and medicines. The packing industry has made ...

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Cardboard Corrugated

Corrugated boxes are also called corrugated cartons or cardboard grooved consists of 2 kinds of corrugated sheet , namely: · Kraft paper ( kraft liner ) for outer and inner layers · Medium corrugated medium paper The grammage of kraft paper and medium paper is as follows: Table 3. Comparison of Paper Weight Size Corrugated sheet there are several kinds, ...

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Folding Paper and Cardboard

Cardboard folding and cardboard is a popular paper type because it is practical and inexpensive. In trading is also called folding carton (FC), and used to package the material results agriculture or other types of goods. The most widely used material for making folding cartons is a cylinder board consisting of several layers, and the center is made of recycled ...

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Fish Product Processing Administration

Bookkeeping is recording transactions. transactions include sales, purchases, revenues, and expenditures by individuals or organizations. According to Mills et al (1991), administarsi as part of the management process associated with the institution and the implementation of procedures used to determine and communicate the program until the development of activities is organized and monitored based on targets and plans. In a ...

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