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Frozen Fish Processing

Freezing means changing the liquid content found in most of the fish’s body to ice. Fish will begin to freeze at temperatures between -0.6 ° C to -2 ° C, or average at -1 ° C which initially freezes is free water, followed by bound water, . Freezing starts from the outside, the center of the last freeze. Freezing requires ...

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Processing of Fishery Products

1. Transport the fish to the company The discharged fish are then transported to the company for further processing (loin, pocket, etc.) formation. Only fish that meet the criteria required by the company to be purchased, the fish with grade B and C. Fish then put in an insulated truck and taken directly to the company. 2. Removal of stomach ...

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Plastics For General and Special Use

Plastics for general use Polypropylene (PP) is a type of plastic for food packaging, home furnishings and bumper.  – Polystyrene (PS) is a type of plastic for soap packaging, food packaging, ready-to-throw cups, dishes, CD boxes and tapes.  – High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is a type of plastic used for food packaging and mugs sold in circumference.  ...

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Type of Clotting Tools

Based on how it works, there are several types of clotting tools such as the following: Water Blast Freezing This freezer uses cold air as a refrigerant. This tool consists of several types, namely type of room, tunnel and the type of conveyor belt (belt conveyor). Contact Plate Freezing Contact Plate Freezer is perfect for freezing fishery products packed in ...

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Fresh Fish Products Equipment

Given the production (processing) tuna loin requires only a simple processing technology, then the facilities and equipment needed is also not too complicated. Minimum facilities and equipment needed for small-scale tuna loin processing located on a small scale include: Process room (processing room), size 6 x 10 m2 Stainless steel cutting table Trimming stainless steel table Stainless steel fillet blades ...

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Definition of Packaging

Packaging or warehousing is thought to have existed for a few hundred years before Christ. Packaging materials derived from nature such as foliage, animal skin and clay have been widely used as storage or packaging containers. Packaging is the activity of placing the production into a container with all other types of material done by the producer or marketer to ...

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