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The Success of Air Sampling Methods

The success of the sampling method is highly dependent on the equipment for sampling, a technique or way of making, implementation and management as well as the improvement of laboratory analysis. more than 50% of the invalidity of the data analysis of water kuallitas is affected by the sampling technique is not appropriate. a. Determining the location of sampling The ...

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Air Sampling Equipment

Once the location and designation of the sample is determined, it can be done the preparation beforehand infrastructure to facilitate sampling. facilities and infrastructure that need to be prepared include: Water sampling equipment must meet the following requirements: Made of materials that do not affect the properties of the water sample (eg metals for inspection, sampling tool is not made ...

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Damage Symptoms Seaweed

Symptoms of seaweed damage caused by predation can be grouped based on their characteristics to identify pests that attack seaweed. Grouping based on characteristics are: a) Gouging (blister) is a small wound on thalus seaweed, slightly flaky pigment layer as if no damage. This attack can be caused by slugs or sea star larvae b) Planing, shows damage such as ...

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Sampling Water Lake or Reservoir

Water sampling at the point of lake or reservoir is set according to the following provisions; On lakes or reservoirs with a depth of less than 10 m, water samples were taken from two points, namely at the surface and at the bottom of the lake / reservoir On lakes or reservoirs with depths between 10 m – 30 m, ...

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Water Quality Measurement

Sampling for water quality measurement is a critical point at this stage of the measurement of water quality. Sampling is the first step that can determine the accuracy of water quality data that will be used. Before learning the sampling technique you should know the kinds of samples / examples of water beforehand. Samples of surface water comes from the ...

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Hama Seaweed Fish Beronang

Hama macro is a parasitic organism that is larger than 2 cm contained cultivation location itself and has been in the form of large size / adults. Fish beronang (Siganus spp), is the biggest pests in the cultivation of seaweed. Beronang fish seed has clustered nature of the most serious pests of attack. These fish attack the entire thallus the ...

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