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Brightness and Water Depth

One way to measure water transparency is done by using pieces Secchi (Secchi disk), which is a round pieces with a diameter of 20 cm made of zinc and painted white or black-white weighted. The tool is lowered into the water until it looks, its depth was measured, then lowered deeper. Furthermore, the chip is removed and when the puck ...

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Concentrations of Salt Solution

If the concentration difference between the salt solution and fish body fluids is high, then the process of penetration of salt into the fish body will be faster. Salting methods can be grouped into three kinds, namely: 1) Dry salting (dry salting ) Dry salting method is salting method using salt crystals mixed with fish. Dry drying is done by ...

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Soil Texture

The soil texture is one of the physical properties of soil sifta a very big influence on the growth of plants and other soil properties. Overall the physical properties of the soil is determined by:  The size and composition of the particles making up ground the result of weathering material;  The type and ratio of the composition of ...

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Water Chemistry Parameters Tool

Chemical parameters of the water can not only be measured using digital equipment, but there is also a water quality measurement method using titration methods or staining. Here below is the equipment used in the measurement of water quality parameters by titration can be seen in Table 17. Table 18. Equipment used for the measurement of water quality by titration

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Understanding Soil Structure

Soil structure is one of morphology (appearance) of land that can be observed directly. Soil morphology is a description of the soil body showing the appearance-appearance, characteristics and common properties in a soil profile. The characteristics of soil morphology is indicative of a process – a process that never experienced a kind of land during weathering, the formation and development. ...

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Flow Velocity and Debit Water

The movement of water or water flow required for the availability of food for microorganisms and oxygen. In addition to avoiding the reef of the deposition process. The presence of water slurry caused by the movement of water will produce oxygen in these waters. In general, when a body of water has a fairly swift current, then the level of ...

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