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Preservatives Fishery Products

Preservatives such as ice and cold sea water, including material that is relatively safe to fish preserves, especially when consumed by the public. The use of preservatives that are not appropriate for the food ingredients, such as formalin, should be prevented and prohibited. Preservatives bodies were never scandalize the community, because it was used to preserve fish catches by fishermen. ...

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Factor Type and Size Of Fish

Various factors can be grouped into a determinant of freshness: the type and size of the fish, the environment and how to catch or harvest. Thus, to get fresh fish, three of these factors need to be considered. Affect the freshness of fish, both during harvesting or catching or during storage. By the time the fish are harvested or caught ...

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Between Product Definition

Lately, people are starting to like fish in the form of products such as more practical and easily processed into a variety of finished products. The common understanding between the products is part of a fish that has undergone a specific treatment but still have properties such as fresh fish meat. Some of the intermediate products that have been developed ...

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Toxic Ingredients In Fish

Toxicity in fish can affect the freshness of the fish. Fish are known to contain toxins generally denied consumers although it still has a high fitness level. Mackerel with a degree of freshness that has somewhat decreased more acceptable to consumers than the bloated fish that are still alive, because people are more familiar with pufferfish as poisonous fish. Based ...

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Tuna Fish Handling Process

Stages tuna handling process is carried out as follows: 1) Demolition tuna Ordinary tuna species landed are tuna yellow fin tuna (Thunnus albacares) and big eye tuna (Thunnus obessus). Tuna fish landed in the form of whole fish that have been weeded out the entrails and gills. Tuna fishing area includes Ocean waters of Indonesia, the northern coast of Java, ...

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Processed Fresh Fish Export Standards

Including perishable commodities and even faster than the flesh of other animals. Decay speed after catching and harvesting fish is strongly influenced by the technique of fishing and harvesting, the biological condition of the fish, as well as handling and storage techniques on board. Therefore, as soon as the fish are caught or harvested must be immediately preserved by refrigeration ...

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