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Packing Paper and Cardboard

Cardboard folding and cardboard is a popular type of paper because it is practical and inexpensive. In trading is also called folding carton (FC), and used to package the material results Agriculture or other types of goods. The most widely used material for making folding cartons is a cylinder board made up of several layers, and the center is made ...

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Plastic Packaging

In general, plastic packaging is divided into 2 (two) namely, rigid palstik packaging and flexible plastic packaging. Rigid packaging is a plastic packaging that is usually used for packaging of products, below is explained about the rigid packaging that is distinguished in terms of the manufacturing process, namely:  – Blow Molding Blow Molding: Processed by extrusion of hollow plastic ...

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Canned Packaging

Canned packaging is generally printed using Lithographic Printing Method (Offset) or better known as Offset metal decorating. Printed in Tin, Aluminum, and alloy metal modifications. The metal material will be coated in advance ( coating ) with Varnish saizing ( clear sizing , tonner sizing or gold lacquer ) or to get white effect in white Coating. All coating methods ...

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Ozonizer Tools

Ozonizer is a means of generating ozone (O3). This tool is often used in marine aquariums for sterilization purposes. Sterilization and water purification with ozone has long been used in the field of water and wastewater management. Ozone is a reactive form of oxygen (O₂). This molecule is capable of destroying a large number of particles of waste and toxic ...

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Combined Filter Physics, Biology and Chemistry

The order of installation of filter media a. The first compartment (A) useful coarse cotton filter media to trap / catch coarse particles derived from aquarium water. In the area meant that yellow is the installation of glass mica which has been hollowed out. b. The second compartment (B) bioball media as a medium for growing bacteria. Mucus inherent in ...

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Salinity Factor Seaweed

Salinity is the amount (grams) of substances soluble kilogram of sea water which is considered all carbonates have been converted to oxide, bromine, and the ions replaced by Clor and all organic material has been oxidized completely. Salinity waters for marine organisms is an important environmental factor. Each marine organisms have different tolerance to salinity for survival. Beveridre (1987) in ...

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