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Generally Watershed (DAS) can be defined as an area, which is bounded by natural boundaries, such as a ridge or a mountain, or limit aid such as road or embankment, where the rainwater that fell in the region contributes flow to the control point (outlet ) (Suripin, 2002). Watershed is a geohydrology basin bounded by water and fishing area drained ...

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Seaweed Thallus Section

One of the factors that influence the success in the cultivation of seaweed are seedlings. Seeds for plants that function to reproduce or breed tanaman.umur thallus. Seed should be used in the form of cuttings, to be healthy, young and many branches. Seedlings obtained is the end of the crop (young) generally provide good growth and harvests containing carrageenan which ...

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Watershed Management

According Sugandhy (1999) in Anna S., 2001, when linked to spatial planning, the allocation of space in order to maintain and fulfill the presence of water, water catchment area, the security area of surface water sources, springs securing the area, then at least 30% of area should be sought cover their tree stands can be protected forests, production forests or ...

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Strains Growth Factor Seaweed

Strain is a group of organisms that are members of a species that has special characteristics but do not be a descendant or variation separately. One factor the emergence of diversity in a species is geographic isolation. Geographic isolation causes offspring have different characteristics from the parent due to the interaction between the genotype and the environment. Seaweed Kappahycus alvarezii ...

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Erosion and Land Bald

Erosion is a moving event or terangkutnya land or portions of land from one place to another by a natural medium (water or wind). Erosion can cause land degradation through loss or erosion of topsoil, so that could adversely affect the soil. The adverse effects of erosion seen from distinguished place so there are two, namely: 1. Impact on the ...

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Watershed Policy

Water resources management implemented in an integrated (multi-sectoral), comprehensive (upstream-downstream, the quality-quantity, continuous (between generations)), environmental friendliness with DAS (the unit area hydrological) as a management unit. One river, one plan, one integrated management taking into consideration the current administration (decentralization) can be determined that: 1) Unit river watershed in the sense that the unity of hydrological region that could ...

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