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Organisms Bentos

Bentos are aquatic organisms that live in bottom waters. observations on benthic biological parameters generally confined to makrobentos. Sampling benthic organisms can be done in a simple way, especially for shallow littoral areas (edges). Some larvae of arthropods can be retrieved using Surber net, while for some kind of mollusk because it has a large size can be done without ...

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Use of Pallets In Distribution

The packaging size for exported products needs to consider the ease of transport, especially for commodity loading and unloading processes during distribution using pallets and forklifts (Anonymous 2008). The palette is a medium for moving large quantities of goods in one unit from one location to another efficiently. Developed countries have used pallets to support efficient product distribution by loading ...

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Processing of Fishery Products

1. Transport the fish to the company The discharged fish are then transported to the company for further processing (loin, pocket, etc.) formation. Only fish that meet the criteria required by the company to be purchased, the fish with grade B and C. Fish then put in an insulated truck and taken directly to the company. 2. Removal of stomach ...

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Plastics For General and Special Use

Plastics for general use Polypropylene (PP) is a type of plastic for food packaging, home furnishings and bumper.  – Polystyrene (PS) is a type of plastic for soap packaging, food packaging, ready-to-throw cups, dishes, CD boxes and tapes.  – High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is a type of plastic used for food packaging and mugs sold in circumference.  ...

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Fresh Fish Products Equipment

Given the production (processing) tuna loin requires only a simple processing technology, then the facilities and equipment needed is also not too complicated. Minimum facilities and equipment needed for small-scale tuna loin processing located on a small scale include: Process room (processing room), size 6 x 10 m2 Stainless steel cutting table Trimming stainless steel table Stainless steel fillet blades ...

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In-Canned Products

If you wish to further process the product in a can, salt or vegetable oils may be selected. Shelf life or shelf life in cans varies greatly depending on the type of food, container, canning process undertaken, and storage conditions. If processing and storage are well done, canned food generally lasts for up to two years. Some things that cause ...

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