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Soil Texture

The soil texture is one of the physical properties of soil sifta a very big influence on the growth of plants and other soil properties. Overall the physical properties of the soil is determined by:  The size and composition of the particles making up ground the result of weathering material;  The type and ratio of the composition of ...

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Materials Air Quality Measurement

Some water quality parameters can be observed directly while doing sampling in the field, it was easy to have many supplies water quality digital and portable that can be brought directly to the field, even today already, and kits analysis of water quality so that it can simplify water quality measurement. Observations and measurements of water quality on the ground ...

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Understanding Soil Structure

Soil structure is one of morphology (appearance) of land that can be observed directly. Soil morphology is a description of the soil body showing the appearance-appearance, characteristics and common properties in a soil profile. The characteristics of soil morphology is indicative of a process – a process that never experienced a kind of land during weathering, the formation and development. ...

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Understanding Soil

There are a lot of meaning or definition of the land developed in the communities are very diverse definitions must be adjusted to just the interests of each. But the definition of the public about the land is as follows, namely land is accumulated body of the outdoors, a three-dimensional, occupied most (large) surface of the earth, which was able ...

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The Level of Development Land Structure

Based on the level of development or stability of the structure of the soil, the soil structure can be divided into several levels, namely: Weak ie if a grain of soil structure can be seen, remains damaged and destroyed when taken from the soil profile to be checked. Being that if the soil structure has a grain structure that is ...

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Sample Handling Techniques

After sampling, water samples should be analyzed immediately. If forced to be stored, any water quality parameters require specific treatment to the sample. In addition to treatment with chemicals, preservation of the most common is the cooling at a temperature of 4 ° C during transportation and storage. At this temperature, bekteri activity is inhibited. Samples were delayed measurement and ...

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