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Drainage and Irrigation Channels

Drainage and irrigation channels is intended to drain the excess water so it does not damage the soil, plants, and other conservation or building. The forms of drainage and irrigation channels: a. channel dodger function: • Prevent the entry of surface runoff from the area above it to the bottom of landslide-prone areas. • Drain excess water into the sewers ...

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Understanding Embankment

Dikes have another name levee, dike, embankment, which is a sort of slanted walls either artificial or natural, is used to regulate the water level. Usually made of soil and often are constructed parallel to the river or beach body. The word dike probably derived from the Dutch word dijk, where the construction of the embankment has happened since 12.Bangunan ...

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Different Types of Levees

Understanding Embankment in general Dike is a construct created to prevent flooding in the plains dilindungi.Bagaimanapun, dikes also impede the flow of river water, aloran produce more and higher water level. Dikes can also be found along the coast, where the dune / dune sand beaches are not strong enough, along the river to protect the flood, along the lake ...

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Type Dams

Dam can be classified according to the structure, purpose or altitude. Based on the structure and the materials used, the dam can be classified as a wooden dam, “embankment dam” or “masonry dam”, with various subtypes. The goal made including providing water for irrigation or urban water supply, improving navigation, generate hydroelectric power, creating recreation areas or habitat for fish ...

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Preparation Phase Infiltration Wells

Stages as catchment wells are:  – Getting started in the form of land preparation and ingredients.  – Excavation is good for the well itself or tissue baerasal from the roof of the house.  – Installation includes installation of concrete or brick bus and installation of water supply network from house to house. Installation of recharge wells can ...

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Definition Reservoir

Reservoir is a large pond where water is stored preparations for various needs. Reservoirs can be naturally occurring or man-made. Artificial reservoirs are built in a way to make the dam and the water flowed until the reservoir is full. Dam or dam construction is built to withstand the rate of water into the reservoir, lake or recreation areas. Often ...

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