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Definition of Cropping

Salting is a method used to preserve the product of fishery by using salt (NaCl). In the process of salting, preservation is done by reducing the water content in the body of fish and in the body of bacteria so that bacteria can not live and grow again. The term salting is also often called marinating. The salting technology is ...

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The Salting Process

a) Method of dry salting · The amount of salt required varies according to the size of the fish. For large fish the amount of salt required is 20% – 30%. As for medium-sized fish the amount of salt required is 15% – 20%. For small fish the amount of salt required is only about 5%. · Salt is sown ...

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Making Pindang Fish

Compared with salted fish processing, shade has several advantages: 1) The way of processing is simple and does not require expensive tools. 2) The result is a mature product that can be eaten without the need to be cooked first. 3) It fits with the taste of Indonesian people in general, 4) Can be eaten in relatively large quantities, so ...

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How Death Fish

Fish that struggled in the face lethal, decompose faster than the fish that die quietly and quickly, because phase of rigor mortis occurs prematurely. In fish that spend a lot of energy due to hit the net / rod, then the change in glucose asetyl take place quickly so that the reaction occurring anaerobic resulting in the formation of lactic ...

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Pindang Fish

Pindang fish is a preserved fish or a popular community because the end product has a distinctive taste and not too salty. Pindang fish is processed by combining two methods of preservation, namely salting and boiling. Fishing is done by boiling fish in salt solution for a certain period of time. The function of salt is to improve the texture ...

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Preparation of Raw Materials

Fish raw materials to be preserved by salting method should be separated by type, size, and freshness. Other ingredients are pure salt containing 99% NaCl for good product quality. The amount of salt required is between 10% – 35%, depending on the level of salinity desired. Figure 6. Fish and salt as raw material salting process Preparation of equipment a) ...

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