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Definition of Composite Paper

Composite paper is paper that is processed together with other packaging materials such as plastics and metals, which aims to improve the brittle force, stiffness and strength of the material. Paper mixed with metal and formed into a kind of cans called composite cans, used for citric juice, spice containers (spices), chocolate boxes, dry soups, chemicals and medicines. The packaging ...

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Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

More than 90% of corrugated cardboard packaging produced is a single wall double carton type. Double wall double wallboard is commonly used to pack heavy items, especially for export, while double wall triple cartons are used to pack heavy industrial items. Based on the construction, there are several types of corrugated cardboard packaging, namely:

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Types of Paper Packaging

There are two main types of paper used, namely rough paper and soft paper. Paper used as packaging is a type of coarse paper, while fine paper is used for writing paper that is for books and paper covers. The most powerful packaging paper is kraft paper with natural color, made from softwood with sulphate process. Here are some types ...

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Paper and Glass Packaging

A. Paper Packaging Paper packaging is the first flexible packaging before the invention of plastic and aluminum foil. Currently paper packaging is still widely used and able to compete with other packaging such as plastic and metal because the price is cheap, easy to obtain and extensive use. In addition to packaging, the paper also serves as a media communicator ...

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Canned Packaging

Canned packaging is generally printed using Lithographic Printing Method (Offset) or better known as Offset metal decorating. Printed in Tin, Aluminum, and alloy metal modifications. The metal material will be coated in advance ( coating ) with Varnish saizing ( clear sizing , tonner sizing or gold lacquer ) or to get white effect in white Coating. All coating methods ...

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Packing Paper and Cardboard

Cardboard folding and cardboard is a popular type of paper because it is practical and inexpensive. In trading is also called folding carton (FC), and used to package the material results Agriculture or other types of goods. The most widely used material for making folding cartons is a cylinder board made up of several layers, and the center is made ...

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