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In Vegetative Soil Conservation

Vegetative soil conservation is any form or activity or use of plants and plant debris to reduce erosion. The crowns of trees or other plants will hold / break punch and speed of rain. Thus the power at / limpas rainwater on the surface soil decreased. Canopy of trees in addition to reducing power at the rain water also absorbs ...

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Watershed Strategy

Natural resources are an important asset in driving development in an area, so that the management of natural resources becomes a strategic issue to be decided in a fair, transparent and sustainable. Accordance with the spirit contained in Law No. 32 of 2004 on Regional Government, the watershed management strategies that cut across the region are: 1) Build agreement and ...

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Arc Info Geographic Information Systems

Arc is one of the Info GIS software has been widely used by experts in the field of GIS. In principle Arc Info is very supportive in the creation and development of a map data base which is based on the principles of integrated mapping information. a) Introduction to Environmental Arc Info To enter the neighborhood Arc Info, we have ...

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Measurement of Erosion and Sedimentation

Equipment used in the measurement of sediment transport (sediment transport) is based on the standard United States. Geological Survey (USGS), the equipment has been developed by the Federal Inter-Agency Project sedimentation (FIASP). Gauge / sampling sediments that have been standardized by FIASP, has a specific code that can be interpreted as follows:  US: gauge / sediment sampling with standard ...

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Problems Watershed

Community participation is essential for the management of a watershed, not only in infrastructure, but through the efficient use of water around the watershed both for irrigation and domestic, manufacture wells infiltration in every housing / estates, creating containers rainfall, prevention of erosion on agricultural land by building terraces and planting trees with economic value which will benefit the Watershed ...

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Lorong Planting System Advantages

Keep in mind that if the distance between rows of fences too close, the competition hedge against the main crop will be more subtle and if it is too rare, efficacy hedge resist erosion will be reduced. Pruning and use of forages:  – Plants were allowed to grow until the height of about 1.5 m (about six months old) ...

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