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Tuna Fish Quality

The quality of tuna quality in transit places is divided into four categories, namely grade / quality A, B, C, and D. Sorting activities performed by a checker by means of a coring tube tool is a rod-shaped tool, sharp and made of iron. Sampling is done on both sides of the fish (the back of the fin or the ...

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Miscellaneous Plastic Type

Various kinds of plastic used for packaging such as:  a. Polyethylen Polyethylen is a soft film, transparent and flexible, has the strength of impact and the strength of a good tear. With the heating will be soft and melt at 110OC. Based on its low permeability and good mechanical properties, polyethylene has a thickness of 0.001 to 0.01 inches, ...

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Carton Cartridge Package

In Indonesia commonly used types are single wall and double wall . The use of corrugated boxes is determined by: weight Materials, material properties ( self stacking or not), fragile or not, using inner carton or not and others. The raw material for corrugated carton making is kraft paper, bogus or carton of merang. Based on the dimensions of the ...

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Definition of Packaging

Packaging or warehousing is thought to have existed for a few hundred years before Christ. Packaging materials derived from nature such as foliage, animal skin and clay have been widely used as storage or packaging containers. Packaging is the activity of placing the production into a container with all other types of material done by the producer or marketer to ...

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Type of Clotting Tools

Based on how it works, there are several types of clotting tools such as the following: Water Blast Freezing This freezer uses cold air as a refrigerant. This tool consists of several types, namely type of room, tunnel and the type of conveyor belt (belt conveyor). Contact Plate Freezing Contact Plate Freezer is perfect for freezing fishery products packed in ...

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Paper and Glass Packaging

A. Paper Packaging Paper packaging is the first flexible packaging before the invention of plastic and aluminum foil. Currently paper packaging is still widely used and able to compete with other packaging such as plastic and metal because the price is cheap, easy to obtain and extensive use. In addition to packaging, the paper also serves as a media communicator ...

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