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Time Sampling Water

For water quality monitoring, sampling time interval is set on a different day and time, so it can be differences in the quality of water every day and every hour. For example, if the first sampling is done on Monday at 06.00, then the sampling is then performed on Tuesday at 07.00, etc. Frequency of sampling The frequency of sampling ...

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Based Soil Texture Volume

Determination of soil texture by using the volume percent can be simpler than the method hydrometer. The principle of determination based on the percent of this volume is based on the speed of precipitation. Wherein the fraction of the rough or the sand will settle early (1 minutes before turning it) and then followed by the fraction of the dust ...

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Determination of Levels Alkalinity

Alkalinity is a total concentration of alkaline elements contained in water and commonly expressed in mg / liter or the equivalent of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is said that the alkalinity in freshwater very important role because alkalinity is not only a direct effect on the growth of plankton, but also affects other parameters. Alkalinity is the capacity of water ...

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Determination of Soil Texture With Feelings

Determination of the texture in the field is done by 1) the period of dry or moist soil is wetted, then dipirid between the thumb and forefinger so memebntuk ribbon moist, as he felt a sense of rough, slippery and sticky; 2) the land made the ball, rolled up and observed their resistance to compression and adhesion Masaa ground when ...

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Understanding Soil

There are a lot of meaning or definition of the land developed in the communities are very diverse definitions must be adjusted to just the interests of each. But the definition of the public about the land is as follows, namely land is accumulated body of the outdoors, a three-dimensional, occupied most (large) surface of the earth, which was able ...

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Agricultural Soil Productivity

The productivity of agricultural land is an economic concept that is determined by three factors, namely: (1) land management system, (2) results (of production), and (3) the type of soil. The value of agricultural land is highly dependent on the value of land productivity, more productive, then the higher the value of agricultural land. In the management of farmland there ...

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