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Abiotic Factors Air Quality

1) Temperature / temperature In addition to the high temperatures of the tropics, a problem that is often found is a problem that is too extreme temperature changes due to the influence of the season, for example the rainy season. Low temperatures will cause the speed of metabolism down so that the appetite of fish and shrimp to be decreased. ...

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Sampling Technique

Some things to consider in taking the sample are: 1) Fixation Fixation is the process of sample preservation using preservatives that material taken can be processed by PCR. The principle of choosing the type of preservative: a) easy in the handling, storage and transport, b) Not reduce the sensitivity of diagnosis, c) Easily available and relatively inexpensive. There are two ...

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The Depth Factor Seaweed

The average depth of the water required for the growth of seaweed depending on the amount of sunlight intensity. According Soegianto and Sulistijo (1985) in Syahputra (2005), the depth of which is ideal for the growth of seaweed in the Thousand Islands with basic methods in the 0.3 to 0.6 m at its lowest ebb. Such circumstances can prevent drought ...

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Export Fisheries Products Standards

Fisheries and marine product exports in 2011 increased. In the last year the export of fisheries and national marine broke through USD3,34 billion figure exceeds the government’s target in 2011 amounted to USD 3.2 billion. Director General Pengolahanan and Marketing of Fishery (P2HP) suggested in 2011, there were two important events in the fisheries and marine sector, among others, are: ...

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Barriers to Export Fishery Products

The existence of barriers to export of tuna from the European Union to encourage the Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) implementing improved management and quality control. Results Improved quality management is done DKP showed a drastic reduction of cases of Rapid Alert System (RAS) is from 49 cases in 2005, dropping to 34 cases in 2006 and 17 cases ...

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Preservatives Fishery Products

Preservatives such as ice and cold sea water, including material that is relatively safe to fish preserves, especially when consumed by the public. The use of preservatives that are not appropriate for the food ingredients, such as formalin, should be prevented and prohibited. Preservatives bodies were never scandalize the community, because it was used to preserve fish catches by fishermen. ...

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