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In-Canned Products

If you wish to further process the product in a can, salt or vegetable oils may be selected. Shelf life or shelf life in cans varies greatly depending on the type of food, container, canning process undertaken, and storage conditions. If processing and storage are well done, canned food generally lasts for up to two years. Some things that cause ...

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Frozen Fish Processing

Freezing means changing the liquid content found in most of the fish’s body to ice. Fish will begin to freeze at temperatures between -0.6 ° C to -2 ° C, or average at -1 ° C which initially freezes is free water, followed by bound water, . Freezing starts from the outside, the center of the last freeze. Freezing requires ...

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Packaging Functions

Packaging is one way to increase the added value of products to be sold and extend the durability of products to be sold, the following is one function and the role of packaging on a product  – Packaging as a Moving Tool Packaging is a container for the product and at the same time can serve as a means ...

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The Depth Factor Seaweed

The average depth of the water required for the growth of seaweed depending on the amount of sunlight intensity. According Soegianto and Sulistijo (1985) in Syahputra (2005), the depth of which is ideal for the growth of seaweed in the Thousand Islands with basic methods in the 0.3 to 0.6 m at its lowest ebb. Such circumstances can prevent drought ...

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Export Fisheries Products Standards

Fisheries and marine product exports in 2011 increased. In the last year the export of fisheries and national marine broke through USD3,34 billion figure exceeds the government’s target in 2011 amounted to USD 3.2 billion. Director General Pengolahanan and Marketing of Fishery (P2HP) suggested in 2011, there were two important events in the fisheries and marine sector, among others, are: ...

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Barriers to Export Fishery Products

The existence of barriers to export of tuna from the European Union to encourage the Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) implementing improved management and quality control. Results Improved quality management is done DKP showed a drastic reduction of cases of Rapid Alert System (RAS) is from 49 cases in 2005, dropping to 34 cases in 2006 and 17 cases ...

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