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Oxygen Levels and Solubility

Decreased levels of oxygen. Basically the process of reduction of oxygen in the water caused by the process of chemistry, physics and biology, namely:  The process of breathing (respiration) either by animals or plants.  The process of decomposition (decomposition) of organic material.  Basic waters are reducing. The basis of these waters can only be covered by only ...

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Attach a low-frequency wave and in general the intensity of the smaller of the two times a day. This tidal movement caused by gravity from celestial bodies to the mass of water on earth. This movement is also influenced by the rotation of the earth itself as well as the layout of the island and the continent. Therefore, the high ...

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Effect of Water Against Bentos

How to determine the water quality based Benthos in these waters one of them is with a qualitative approach where we look at the types than Benthos that live in the water itself. The types of benthic waters based on the degree of damage put forward by Mulyanto (1995) as follows: a) waters clean is Planaria, Perla, Isoperia, Leuctra, Nemoura, ...

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Generally Watershed (DAS) can be defined as an area, which is bounded by natural boundaries, such as a ridge or a mountain, or limit aid such as road or embankment, where the rainwater that fell in the region contributes flow to the control point (outlet ) (Suripin, 2002). Watershed is a geohydrology basin bounded by water and fishing area drained ...

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Results of Soil Sedimentation Process

Results of sediment from an area specified flow can be determined by measurement of sediment transport of dissolved (suspended sediment) at the control point of the river flow. Sediment is often found in rivers both soluble and insoluble is a product of weathering of host rock is influenced by environmental factors, especially climate change. The result of weathering of rocks ...

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Erosion and Land Bald

Erosion is a moving event or terangkutnya land or portions of land from one place to another by a natural medium (water or wind). Erosion can cause land degradation through loss or erosion of topsoil, so that could adversely affect the soil. The adverse effects of erosion seen from distinguished place so there are two, namely: 1. Impact on the ...

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