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Requirements Planning Dams

a) High Dam Is the distance from the foundation to the level of the reservoir at the time of construction of spillway water flow capacity planning, coupled with a high specific surveillance to boost wind, waves, ice and freezing power of motion earthquakes. b) Width Lighthouse Width mercu urugan dam must be strong enough to keep the line of the ...

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Definition of Concrete Dams

Characteristics of concrete dam  – Durable and virtually maintenance-free. Requires good geological conditions at the site of the dam.  – Implementation requires high accuracy. The properties of concrete  – Easy to work  – Concrete durable  – Meet the press the desired solid  – small seepage Power  – small concrete Penyusutsn  – Coefficient ...

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Technical Planning Dams

1) Characteristics of the dam urugan Compared with other species, the dam urugan has the following features: Its construction can dilaksinakan on harnpir all conditions encountered geology and geography. The materials for the body of the dam can be used rocks that are in the vicinity of the prospective dam. The weakness of this type of dam is not able ...

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Dams Planning Factors

a. Topography If the review is only based on topography, the concrete dam would be more profitable. If the surrounding buildings on the river channel but cramped. otherwise the flow of the river shallow but wide, the dam would be cheaper urugan. However, due to many other factors that need to be taken into account between Lail} geological conditions in ...

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Soil Texture Determination In Laboratory

Soil is composed of soil grains of various sizes. Part grain land measuring more than 2 mm is called coarse material soil such as gravel, coral to rock when analyzed eliminated terelebih advance, as well as the organic material in the soil, so all that remains is fractions of land measuring less than 2 mm , Part ground grain size ...

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Forest and Land Rehabilitation

According Wahono (2002: 3), degraded land is land that is already no longer function as a regulator of the media regulator of the water system, the element of agricultural production, as well as elements of the protection of nature and environment. Degraded land is a land that has undergone soil conditions or in the process of physical, chemical or biological ...

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