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Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

More than 90% of corrugated cardboard packaging produced is a single wall double carton type. Double wall double wallboard is commonly used to pack heavy items, especially for export, while double wall triple cartons are used to pack heavy industrial items. Based on the construction, there are several types of corrugated cardboard packaging, namely:

  • · Type of cut printing,
  • · Type bliss
  • · One-piece box type
  • · Lock type
  • · Type of telescope

The most widely used type of corrugated cardboard packaging is the type of onepiece box with regular slotted container (RSC) type . This type has the same long cap and meets in the middle when closing. According to International Trade Center UNCTAD / WTO (1993), RSC type is the most economical because the material used is minimal but the volume is maximal (Figure 36).
Figure 36. Some Kinds of Corrugated Carton (Anonymous 2008a);
A) Single wall,
B) Double walls, and
C) Three walls

Figure 37. Corrugated Carton Package Type One-Piece Box with Regular Slotted Container Type (Wikipedia, 2008).


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