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Preparation Phase Infiltration Wells

Stages as catchment wells are:
 – Getting started in the form of land preparation and ingredients.
 – Excavation is good for the well itself or tissue baerasal from the roof of the house.
 – Installation includes installation of concrete or brick bus and installation of water supply network from house to house.

Installation of recharge wells can be done with a single model and communal. Intent recharge wells single model is the recharge wells used for one house, while the communal one absorption wells are used together for more than one house. Location of recharge wells to which a single model is usually on the home page while the communal models can be mounted on the shoulder of the road.
Figure 44. Cross-section longitudinal absorption wells Biopori

If we are to the forest in good condition, of course we will look at the components of the forest ecosystem yan consists of trees, saplings, litter and organism / small animals such as ants, insects, worms and others. On the ground level berseresah when we uncover the soil cover will be seen the roots of plants, leaves and twigs wood rotted and the holes formed thereby. The holes are a biopori or holes are formed because of the bio / life either become obsolete / dead or still active.

So naturally, in the form of small holes in the ground formed by the activity of soil organisms such as worms or roots movement in tanahmbentuk biopori. Automatically the holes will be filled with air and into the path of water flow into the soil, especially when the rain arrived. The condition is of course the city of forests have been no. In order for the absorption of rain falling in urban areas, as happened in the woods, it is necessary to the engineering of artificial biopori.

Conditions big cities such as Jakarta which has a water catchment area that very little is accompanied by the use of extremely excessive groundwater caused land subsidence and made it difficult to get good quality water and enough in the region. Thus the balance of the environment which must be constantly preserved and maintained even more damaged and unmanageable.

To that required their nature conservation movement around which carried out jointly by all parties and sustainable. One way that can be taken to prevent the flow of rainwater into sewers then wasted into the sea off is by making the hole biopori infiltration or LBR. Biopori absorption holes are water catchment method aimed at tackling flooding by increasing the absorbing power of water in the soil. This method is triggered by Ir. Kamir R Brata, M.Sc, one of the researchers from the Institut Pertanian Bogor.

Improved water absorbing power on the ground is done by making a hole in the ground and fill it with organic waste to produce compost. Ditimbunkan organic waste in this hole can then feed the soil fauna, which in turn is able to create pores in the soil. This simple technology is then called by the name of biopori.


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