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Technical Planning Dams

1) Characteristics of the dam urugan Compared with other species, the dam urugan has the following features:

  • Its construction can dilaksinakan on harnpir all conditions encountered geology and geography.
  • The materials for the body of the dam can be used rocks that are in the vicinity of the prospective dam.

The weakness of this type of dam is not able to hold the runoff above mercunya, where limpasa that could cause avalanches on the downstream slope that could lead to the breakdown of the dam. Urugan dam characteristics are:

  • Urugan dam has extensive board so that the load must be supported by the foundation per unit area becomes small. Load supported by the foundation is the body weight of the dam and the hydrostatic pressure of water in the reservoir. Therefore urugan dam can be built above or weathered rock above the river channel is composed of sedimentary rocks with low bearing capacity kemarnpuan kekedapannya provided that can be fixed at the desired level.
  • Dams urugan can always be constructed by using rock material located in the vicinity of the prospective dam.
  • In urugan dam construction can be carried out mechanically with high intensity.
  • The selected equipment adapted to the properties of materials to be used and the condition of the field of implementation. Because the dam body consists of a heap of soil or pile of stones berkomposisi off, then the burst dam is generally caused by things as follows
  • Landslide that occurred both on the slopes upstream and downstream slope of the dam body.
  • The occurrence sufosi (erosion in or piping) by force – force that arises in the flow filtration tetjadi in the dam body.
  • A rigid construction is undesirable in the dam body, because it can not menikuti consolidation movement of the dam body.
  • The process of development is usually very sensitive to climatic influences, over-Iebih on land fill dam where certain optimum moisture needs to be maintained, especially during the implementation of backfilling and compacting.


2) The design of the dam urugan
In essence, the existence of a dam has been simulations since the holding activities of survey, design, technical planning, construction, operation and maintenance until the end of the effective life of the dam. Survay deepening the implementation of the design is done the easier will be the implementation of its development, because kemunginan the constructional modifications increasingly ketch !. Hasi technical analysis of these will be determined by a steady following matters:

  • Position dam the most good.
  • The most suitable type of dam.
  • The method of implementation of the most effective development.
    Several aspects need to be studied in order to realize the idea of ​​a dam are: topography, geological engineering, foundation, hydrology, materials dam, spillway construction, building tappers and others.



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